How my writing starts.

Email. Print. Scripts. Social Media. Magazine articles. 
I got range.*
My natural voice is witty and sharp with a penchant for fragments, but always with an unrelenting desire to capture *your* brand's voice in the best most concise way possible. 
I don't just write like an actual human with something to say (rather than just something to sell), I'm passionate AF about it. I put the same vigor into a push notification as I do into a print catalog.

How my writing goes.

Finally submitting copy.

Bottom line: I'm a storyteller. You have a story. And that story deserves to be told. Awesomely.
When I'm not writing copy that makes you want to pay me a lot of money and drink rosé together, I'm home with my husband, 1-year-old daughter and dog in the 'burbs of Boston.
*And also great grammar.
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