Signs Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Writing
Signs Your Breakthrough Is Coming
Ah, breakthroughs. Such a warm and fuzzy word. Who doesn’t love or want a breakthrough? Usually, though, for whatever reason, there’s a wall between us and it.

Sidenote: That’s why they call it a “breakthrough.” I know. I’ll give your minds a second to get unblown. It is the newfound ability to access something, a feat which, prior to, seemed infuriatingly impossible. The breakthrough could be obtaining something external, like a dream job or handstand. Or, it could be internal, a new way of thinking/living in the world, like self-acceptance or the courage to leave a toxic relationship. Yet, we are here and it—what we want to have/do/be—is way over there. We ask ourselves, “But how?” When we do figure it out, though, what once was elusive is now not only attained, but readily available to us from then onward. It’s as if “the how” was right under our noses the whole time. The major downside is we don’t get to decide when these awesome a-ha moments happen.

Here are 3 signs of a pending breakthrough:

1. You’ve had tastes of it. Breakthroughs appear like they’re proverbial lightning bolts. The answer we seek strikes us suddenly and as if out of no where. But breakthroughs aren’t out-of-the-blue. They build gradually, with tiny, seemingly insignificant moments of clarity along the way. Moments in which a well-timed inspirational quote clicked, a normally hard task was unusually easy, or our closest people remark that we seem different (“in a good way!”). We may even think, “Yay! It’s happening!” Then, the smooth-sailing-ness seems to vanish and we’re back to feeling lost, searching and panicking for that ease. That’s a good sign. Really. These glimpses of access are all reassurances that the work is working and your breakthrough is coming. 2. You’re having a lot of breakdowns. Maybe not bathroom-floor breakdowns (which rock, by the way). Perhaps you’re just more resistant than usual. Or you’re getting angry easily. You’re persnickety. You start crying when your yoga teacher assists you in Triangle Pose. You lose your debit card three times in one week. We tend to beat ourselves up when we’re off our A-game, but consider that these are all signs that a big change is happening in your entire system. Breakthroughs require an overhaul in our business as usual. We can’t access something new by keeping something old. With any new way of operating, there’s a period of awkward adjustment. No need to look up if Mercury is in retrograde (it probably is); the big change you want is en route. 3. You’re reading this. Just the fact that you clicked on this means you’re jonesin’ for a shift. You get frequently stuck/frustrated/lost in the hunt and you just want reassurance that you’re gonna get yours. Here it is. It’s the law of attraction. Be patient and trust. The breakthrough you seek is also seeking you.   See the original post on YOGANONYMOUS.