Kate Scott Stewart

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Kate Scott Stewart


It’s sort of a Jekyll-and-Hyde-type situation.

Except, you know, without the whole battle between good and evil.

Kate Scott Stewart is not your average wardrobe stylist. She’s an organized artist. A left-brained innovator. A right-brained problem-solver. The kind of intuitive visionary who equally loves both the freedom of a blank canvas and a three-ring binder.

It makes sense, then, that it took some time for Kate to realize how to marry her two brains in one dream job. She graduated from CofC with a Sociology and Psychology degree and was on her way to mail in grad school applications for school counseling when she realized that was just not what she wanted. She tossed them in the trash, went home, and looked to NYC. It was at Parsons that she learned she was a visual person. It was at SELF that she honed her innate ability for interpreting and manifesting someone’s creative vision into reality.

Cut to eight years of styling in Charleston. Highly sought-after on both commercial and editorial projects, Kate has dressed the likes of Brendan James and Elise Testone. On a shoot, she works viscerally. Her goal is for everything to look natural. She’ll tear up and re-construct a wedding dress, give characters the belt and jewelry off her body, and deep-soak pants in coffee grinds to look like Bill the Butcher’s.

“I like everything to look effortless,” Kate says. “Even if that person is wearing turquoise sequins shorts with a red bouffant hairdo. I want them to look like that’s how they roll.”

As much as she likes the creativity that comes with styling, she also enjoys the organized, label-loving aspects too. Recently, she worked as Production Assistant for an NBC commercial. A “coordinating powerhouse,” strategic Kate was in her element as the main go-between for everyone on set.

“It’s like solving a big puzzle. It’s seeing all the moving parts and the whole at the same time,” she says.

Which is not unlike styling a shoot, after all.

The biggest news: Kate recently found out she’s been accepted to Brandcenter, a competitive advertising school in Virginia, for Creative Brand Management, the only track geared toward working for a client. For her, this two-year intensive will bridge her logistical and artistic brains.

Of course, Kate doesn’t know how it’ll all end up. Maybe a Creative Director the likes of what Jenna Lyons does for J. Crew and Madewell. She just knows she’ll always be styling/creating in some way

“I want to be that person who goes between the creative thinker who is all over the place and person who needs help with their vision,” Kate says. “That’s the goal.”

Two brains, one mastermind.

Words by: Jessica Kenny for CHARLIE Mag

Photography by: Sully Sullivan